2019 Cohort Companies


Blood Sweat & Gears - BSG has invented the first ever automated granular product dispenser for both residential or commercial use to spread salt or ice melt on walkways, driveways, and paths during the winter months. BSG’s spreader can also work with seed, feed, and fertilizers for year-round use.

Gami - A monthly origami subscription for beginners. Subscribers receive a pack in the mail every month with a curated instruction booklet and a range of origami papers. The booklet has a series of diagrammed instructions as well as scannable video instructions that users can watch for more help.

Mojoe Brewing - The mojoe™ Coffee Maker is a travel mug-sized, single-serve portable brewer that heats any temperature water and uses proprietary K-cup-like coffee capsules (or one's own coffee grounds) to brew fresh coffee directly inside of the device. When done brewing, the mojoe™ Mobile Brewer is also used as a mug so that the user can drink the brew directly from the device.

ReVased, LLC - An online marketplace to repurpose flowers from one wedding to another. The marketplace will save beautiful, expensive flower arrangements from being thrown away after the event by connecting brides to local florists, brides to other brides, and brides to local charities.

Spotswash, LLC - An app-based waterless car wash and detail service that contracts with residential and commercial buildings with parking garages to wash tenant’s cars while they sleep at night or work during the day.

Vagrant Coffee - An app based, completely mobile, deliverable cafe on wheels. Customers will have the opportunity to request a cafe to come to their location and a “carista” will arrive with a custom espresso bar built into the back of a MINI Cooper.

Accelerate Baltimore Graduates

Allovue -  A technology based company who helps you allocate resources so you can focus on district goals.

Arbit - a mobile social engagement tool built for professional athletes, celebrities, and brands to connect with their fan bases through photo-polling.

Artichoke - A platform that helps your business thrive by no show appointments and increasing client bookings.

At Night Athletic – Illuminated athletic apparel focusing on safety with rechargeable, built-in LED lights and additional safety features, including distress alarm and associated mobile application to text emergency contacts a predefined message and GPS location.

Baggio - A smart bag system that uses sensor technology to alert users of missing and low quantity items within a bag as well as the bag’s location.

Barttron - makes Chord, a smart collar that uses only positive reinforcement to keep pets safe within invisible fences, establish indoor boundaries, and eliminate annoying behavior.

Brinkbit - An HTML-5 universal distribution platform that is the quickest path between developers and gamers.

Busy Grad -  A web app solution that notifies surrounding customers of promotions using iBeacon technology.

Caregiver Jobs Now - a technology company that helps both paid caregivers and home care agencies to make more money by connecting them in support of fast-track hiring.

ClassTracks - a blended learning platform for foreign language classrooms that helps teachers and students spend less time drilling and more time communicating.

ClearMask – The first full-face transparent surgical mask that makes healthcare more human by facilitating whole-face communication for more compassionate and inclusive connections.

FitMango - a mobile marketplace connecting potential customers with local bars and restaurants that best fit their interests.

Fleet by MasT – Fleet is an app and a platform that helps members get the most out of their memberships, and organizations get better engagement from their members.

Full Society - A mobile restaurant bill‐pay app that enables users to instantly pay, split, tip, and give back to society without ever waiting for the bill.

Fusiform - a software company seeking to revolutionize the fabrication of orthotic devices to make them better and faster.

Granular - Automated real-time patent valuation and Patent Percentile Ranking (PPR).

Graphtrack - Graphtrack is an analytics, consulting and professional services firm. We support our clients in matters relating to research, assessments, data analytics, intellectual property, business and technology development.

Gunbail - a mobile application that reduces gun violence by incentivizing criminal offenders to surrender illegal guns in exchange for bail release.

IsItGood – A social discovery and personalized recommendation platform for podcasts that lets users keep up with what their friends are listening to and find their next favorite podcast.

Loople - a mobile marketplace connecting potential customers with local bars and restaurants that best fit their interests.

Minnowtech – An application and phone attachment that provides anglers with the technologies for real-time fish measurement with simplified analyses to track, interpret and understand their catch.

MyBestBox - a consumer products and data analytics platform that helps people jump-start and maintain healthier lifestyles in a convenient and affordable way.

NewsUp - A mobile app. that connects it's users to the latest news through quizzes.

Ntensify - Mobile app with branded in-app merchandise store. 

Point 3 Security - a cybersecurity company with a technology that detects hacker tactics, Odile was engineered to stop the trend of ‘Sophisticated Attacker Breaches Enterprise – Steals Data’.

Printless Plans -  A sleek yet rugged large-format e-paper device made for the demands of architectures, engineering and construction Professionals.

Promotious - A web app solution that notifies surrounding customers of promotions using iBeacon technology;

RAKKOON - a mobile application, RAKKOON helps start conversations around social media by notifying you and your kids about concerning content and behavior.

Rehabtics - A "tele-medicine software system" that uses motion-controlled video games for physical rehabilitation. 

SeeFuture - A career development platform for college students. 

Sonavi Labs – A next generation smart stethoscope with on-board diagnostic capabilities that empowers community health workers and physicians alike by improving access to health care in non-traditional clinical environments and by allowing for home and remote patient monitoring.

Survey Snap - An HTML-5 universal distribution platform that is the quickest path between developers and gamers.

Speakerblast - A platform that turns multiple internet devices into a huge stereo system via a web app; no download.

Swaggle - a mobile marketplace that easily connects men’s resale fashion sellers to interested buyers with a curated and personalized experience.

Unbound Concepts - A platform to support the needs of both readers and content providers.

Visable - A disruptive, next‐generation recruiting tool that creates significantly improved hiring outcomes by matching students’ skillsets with employer job requirements.

The Wealth Factory (WealthyLife) - a designer of financial literacy and workforce development education technology games that provides an engaging experience while users learn how to earn income, budget, and manage their finances.

Well-Kept Beauty – A mobile application helping ingredient-conscious consumers manage their skin health by monitoring and tracking cosmetic ingredients and expiration.