Accelerate Baltimore Grads Advice & Takeaways

Is your startup in the perfect position to go through an accelerator program? Is it an idea that you have been highly considering and believe that you’re now ready to take this next step? If so, I advise you to continue reading for some advice and takeaways from startups who were once in the exact position you are.

Accelerate Baltimore is a 13 week long program that gives six companies the opportunity to move their business forward with the support of mentors, industry experts, and an entire startup community. Since 2012 Accelerate Baltimore has had a total of 28 program graduates who know first hand the ins and outs of what to expect and get out of this program. We took it upon ourselves to put together some of the best advice and takeaways from 5 Accelerate Baltimore graduates.




Ryan Sears, CEO of SurveySnap

Beyond the much needed infusion of cash, the Accelerate Baltimore program gave our company credibility, key introductions and reduced our time to market by providing education on many aspects of launching a high-growth startup company."


Evan Dornbush, CEO of Point 3 Security

"The biggest takeaway for Point3 was that AB forces founders to focus.
Entrepreneurs don't often have a staff to outsource every task and
function required to run a business.  Therefore the founders are
scattered across many areas from tech and business development, sales
and marketing, HR and finance, accounts payable and receivable, and of course building furniture and inspiring a culture of success.

AB suppresses the day-to-day chaos in favor of branding, partnership
development, modelling sales cycles; topics that support long term
growth and success."




Andrew Schuster, CEO of NewsUp

"My biggest advice would be to ask for feedback on your pitch early and often to make sure you can easily explain your vision to others."


Paige Cantlin, CEO of Full Society


1.Make a killer presentation and know it inside out.

2. Know the answer to all the questions you can think of. That shows you've thought this through.

3. Do your homework! Take a tour of the ETC or talk to some of the past mentors/program managers. Make sure this is a commitment you are really willing to make!


Phil Dimuro, CEO & Co-founder of Loople

"When it comes to Accelerate Baltimore it all comes down to two things, resourcefulness & motivation. Accelerate Baltimore presents so many great possibilities to learn that it's hard to minimize it down into a short 4 month period. First piece of advice is attend everything. The classes, the nightly meetups, the external events, everything helps you grow so take it all in and enjoy. Next be resourceful & think creatively. At the end of the day your time is limited and you need to prioritize your goals and start working immediately. Finally motivation. My cofounder and I spent many late nights at the ETC during the program and the only way that doesn't get tiring is when you are fully committed to your idea and have the determination to make it happen. There is so much to learn that you need to always be open minded and looking for opportunities for personal & company growth."



If you are interested in applying to Accelerate Baltimore, simply apply here. The application deadline is Dec 1, so don’t wait!

Interested in more information? Join us at ETC for an info session on Thursday, Oct. 26 from 9am-10am; RSVP for the info session here. Of course there are other info sessions if you are unable to make this Thursday. They are as follows:


  • Oct 27 @ 12pm-1pm
  • Location: Impact Hub
  • RSVP


  • Nov 9 @ 10am-11am
  • Location: Spark
  • RSVP


  • Nov 10  @ 4:30pm-5:30pm
  • Location: FastForward
  • RSVP


  • Nov 15  @ 9am-10am
  • Location: Betamore
  • RSVP


  • Nov 17  @ 12pm-1pm
  • Location: A-Level Capital (Carey Business School)
  • RSVP