ETC Company, ClassTracks, Wins 1st Place in the Lean Lab Fellowship

ETC company and Accelerate Baltimore 2016 graduate, ClassTracks, spent three months with their heads down, working while participating in the Lean Lab Fellowship in Kansas City after the close of the Accelerate Baltimore program. Last week, ClassTracks won 1st place and took home $25,000 from Lean Lab. Using the Village Capital rubric, each company in the Fellowship ranked their peers on 6 categories of investability and impact. Their colleagues were impressed with their hustle and flexibility, as well as the traction they had been able to build since starting the Fellowship.

In addition to the $25,000, the Lean Lab has also provided ClassTracks with invaluable connections that resulted in 2 sales and a number of additional leads in Kansas City, a market they would not have otherwise been able to tap into this early.

“The $10,000 that we received from the start we’ve spent on improving user experience for the students,” said Lida Zlatic, CEO of Class Tracks. “With the $25,000, we’ll be doing the same thing but for teachers. When (an app is) easier for teachers, it’ll get in the hands of more students. We’re really excited about that.” Lida was recently quoted in Startland, Kansas City’s Home for Innovation News.

ClassTracks was also chosen by the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal to participate in a cohort of social innovators in Baltimore. In addition to mentorship and support, ClassTracks will receive a $2,000 grant from the Warnock Foundation. The company plans to use the grant to fund ClassTracks for 200 students in Baltimore City Schools.

The ETC is proud of the progress ClassTracks has made since joining the ETC in 2015. Keep up the great work!