How Accelerate Baltimore was an Invaluable Stepping Stone for mybestbox

Mybestbox, a 2016 Accelerate Baltimore graduate, grew out of Co-Founder and CEO Fatima Dicko’s Baltimore apartment into the warehouse they have now on Pulaski Street. Mybestbox (MBB) moved into their new space this past summer. I spoke recently with Ryan Middleton who is Co-Founder, Counsel, and Chief Marketing Officer for MBB. I wanted to know more about MBB, what they learned from Accelerate Baltimore, and how they have grown over the past year.

Here’s some background on the company for those of you unfamiliar with MBB. When you subscribe to Mybestbox, you receive a monthly box that contains products from various companies to help you live a healthy lifestyle. These monthly boxes are each based on a different theme. For example, there is the mybestburn box, which includes items that promote the burning of calories through exercise. There is also the mybeststep box, which is completely foot-centric. Middleton’s personal favorite box though? The first mybestsleep box. Of course, if you are not interested in a monthly subscription, there are one-time gift box options.

So what makes MBB different from other monthly subscription boxes? It’s the company’s dedication to spreading an accessible healthy lifestyle by delivering wholesome products right to the customer’s doorstep.  

MBB started as an answer to the question: “How do you deliver health and wellness to people?” Dicko and Middleton’s resolution was to pack it in a box and put it on the customer’s doorstep. With Dicko’s vision of delivering health in a box and Middleton’s legal skills, MBB was on its way.

In 2016, MBB applied to Accelerate Baltimore. Dicko and Middleton knew that Accelerate Baltimore would provide them not only with funds, but with contacts, mentorship, and credibility with the Baltimore community. Since graduating from the program, MBB has moved into a warehouse space (instead of Dicko’s apartment), expanded their subscriber base, and received more and more offers from companies who want their quality products to be included in MBB boxes.

MBB says that learned invaluable lessons from their time in the AB program. Middleton said that one of the most important things they learned is how to work in the space that they were given. They also were able to take away key advice from Deborah Tillett and other mentors who know who the key players in the Baltimore area.

So what’s the next step for MBB? Middleton says that they are looking to continue their growth and evolve their business model. They aspire to grow with their customers. MBB is not content to stay at the level they are at now and will continue to push themselves, evolve, and disrupt the subscription box field.

Lastly, MBB has some advice for those applying to Accelerate Baltimore this year: “Be thorough and don’t hedge your bets. You’ll need to think big.”