Accelerate Baltimore Grads in the News

It’s hasn’t even been a month since the Accelerate Baltimore Investor Pitch Night and the 2017 grads are already making waves in the news. If you haven’t been keeping track of their progress, here’s a rundown on what they’ve been up to:


Chord in Baltimore

If you haven’t heard already, AB company Chord won $100,000 from the Abell Foundation at Investor Pitch Night last month. Chord also picked up recognition at Pitch Across Maryland’s finale, as well as FounderTrac’s demo day in Annapolis, according to

Chord’s founder, Jared Marmen, explained during his pitch that the additional funding will help the company move out of testing phases with the product—a smart collar and the app, which train pets through positive reinforcement with invisible leashes and fences.


GunBail in the Washington Post

Trevor Brooks, GunBail’s founder, explains to the Washington Post what the app does, what the company’s goals are, and the hurdles they still need to overcome. According to Brooks, “The biggest challenge for GunBail has been navigating the political decision-making process in each municipality. Our customers are municipalities and police departments, and they are also our partners. We need their cooperation in setting up the infrastructure to receive the weapons.”

The board chair of the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, Liz Sara, advises that GunBail should focus their initial efforts in Baltimore, and  “carefully document the entire process — especially when you pull in each stakeholder...After your first few city pilots, you’ll see some trends emerging which will help shorten the sales cycle in future cities.”


Reciprocare in DC and Baltimore

Reciprocare recently came out on top at the D.C. regional finals of InnovateHer 2017, and is on to the next round of InnovateHER, the annual national pitch competition organized by the Office of Women’s Business Ownership at the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Along with completing the Accelerate Baltimore program, Reciprocare also completed the Aging 2.0 Baltimore accelerator, and won $5,000 at the A2B Demo Day. The startup is looking to launch its service, which will connects agencies with caregivers and help low-income women find jobs.

Arbit in the Baltimore Business Journal and Funding Sage

Alex Bullington, CEO of Arbit, told the BBJ that the goal for the app was to connect fans to their favorite actors and athletes, and, at the same time, give brands the opportunity to get real-time feedback and data from their audience. Plus, he shared that Arbit’s user base has grown to include NBA star Dwyane Wade, and actor Mark Wahlberg.

Additionally, Bullington explained the potential impact of Arbit to Funding Sage. “If a company had a product decision to make, whether it be a certain color on a pair of Under Armour shoes or a new design of shirt for a clothing brand, consumers can be a part of the strategic decision making process for companies. These businesses could in turn save millions of dollars in market research and poor product delivery just by testing market sentiment before they release something.”


Wealthy Life in Forbes

Forbes featured an in-depth profile on Wealthy Life founder Angel Rich, including her many accolades and experiences in the realm of marketing. The article also explains how Wealthy Life’s financial literacy game, Credit Stacker, works. Credit Stacker teaches budgeting, saving, investing, credit management, banking, car financing, financial aid, taxes, real estate, entrepreneurship, academic planning, and career readiness. According to Forbes, “It’s useful for planning for your newborn’s financial future or for your retirement.”


Swaggle in Best Techie and DC

Eric Niu, founder and CEO of men’s clothing consignment app Swaggle, told that with Swaggle, there’s no need to browse. You can search for the item you’re looking for, and easily swipe through the options to make a choice. Once you’ve reached an agreed price for the item, you purchase it, then choose between mail delivery, an in-person handoff or pick up at a local consignment shop.

Swaggle was also featured as one of the style apps that will change the way people buy clothes in Best Techie.