Get to know Accelerate Baltimore 2018: Minnowtech

This week, we asked the founder of Minnowtech, Suzan Shahrestani, a couple of questions about the company. Learn about what their product does and how they got started below!

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Accelerate Baltimore: Tell us a little bit about Minnowtech. What is your vision for the company?

Suzan Shahrestani: Minnowtech hopes to keep people fishing with the tools and data they need to monitor their personal fishing efforts. We’ve developed a product that helps people who fish instantly measure and log their catch, requiring no external references from a photo.


AB: Why did you apply to Accelerate Baltimore?

SS: As a graduate student getting my PhD in Fisheries Science, I imagined three paths for myself after graduation: (1) Teaching back everything I’ve learned, (2) continue to conduct research and feed my curiosity, or (3) go out and apply what I’ve learned. My team and I have started on the science application path through Accelerate Baltimore and entering the private sector with hopes of improving fish populations through collaboration.


AB: Who is your competition?

SS: People who fish most often measure their catch with a measuring board. However, there are also apps like Fishbrain that are used for logging catch and social engagement though there is no measuring component. FishFigure is an app that allows for fish measurement, but it requires a user calibration object and takes 30-40s to measure each fish, while our product is instant.


AB: Is there anything that keeps you up at night?

SS: I’m not an angler, but I’m just as private as one. Creating a product that exemplifies trust and privacy is a top priority. I think that’s particularly challenging these days, and I’m basing that on my own high-standards with regard to my personal data. Thinking of ways to mitigate those challenges and build our company brand around trust definitely keeps me up at night!


AB: What's your company culture like?

SS: We are a bold group that values transparency and sincerity. We hope to extend that to our product and customers.


AB: What have you learned from Accelerate Baltimore so far?

SS: I’ve had so many light bulbs light up through Accelerate Baltimore by leaning on the network of strong-willed, smart, and responsive mentors.  It’s helped me recognize my limited perspective and encourages me to stay flexible and open to new goals and opportunities as Minnowtech swims on.