Productivity Tips for Founders

For startups, making the most of every hour in the day is essential for success. At the heart of this journey is, of course, the startup’s founder, who has to take care of everything ranging from IT to marketing, in most cases.

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful productivity tips for founders to ensure that your 24 hours never go to waste.


1. Prioritize

When you're in charge of a startup , everything seems important. That’s why it’s essential to take time every morning to create a list tasks that need to be completed so you can lay out what’s most important, and what can wait. After creating your list, ask yourself the following questions about each task:

  1. Is this task urgent or important? Urgent tasks need immediate attention, while important tasks could be completed in a couple of days without any harm to your business.

  2. Which of these tasks is the most valuable to your business?

  3. Which tasks require the most effort? If there are two tasks which are both urgent, a great way to figure out which one to complete first is to see how long each task will take. That way, you can complete the shorter task first.

Critically thinking through every task that needs to be completed each day will keep you from falling behind.


2. Set and stick to deadlines

If you set strict deadlines for yourself with regards to each task, the likelihood of it being completed will increase significantly. With that being said, be realistic—don’t set yourself up to fail. If you know that a certain project will take you longer than you would like, give yourself more time complete it.

Try to finish each task in the time you’ve allotted, but if it’s not possible, don’t pressure yourself. You should, at the end of the day, always produce the best work.


3. Learn to delegate tasks

As a founder, it’s your job to make sure that your vision for your startup is maintained throughout your journey. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be the only person maintaining it, though. The most successful startups are the ones that have a solid foundation: a strong team.

Take some time finding people that you trust with your idea. Hire people that you see yourself getting along with, who bring different skills and can be an asset to your business. Then, when you have multiple tasks that need to be completed, assign them to members of your team based on their strengths and skills.


4. Analyze your efforts

By tracking what your startup is doing, not only will you have a list of accomplishments to motivate you on a rainy day, but you’ll also be able to assess which campaigns and methods worked well for you, and which ones you need to revisit to improve.

Analyzing your efforts is the best way to grow as a business. Plus, when it’s time to meet with your investors, having a list of ways you’ve improved operations will be a commendable effort in their eyes.