with a 4 month Program, $25,000 seed funding, and
An Entire Community Supporting you?

Join 6 startups on a unique mission to success. 

The ETC's mission is to foster a transformative community of tech-savvy, innovative, entrepreneurial people looking for creative collaboration to accelerate their growth potential and make a powerful economic impact on the City of Baltimore and beyond.

Are you an ideal candidate?

closing the gap between innovative ideas
and getting to market

The ideal Accelerate Baltimore™ startup applicant should be using technology to solve a large problem;

  • be pre-revenue and/ or have not raised a significant round of funding
  • be passionate about the solution, and
  • have a strong team.

As companies continue to successfully graduate and grow from the Accelerate Baltimore program the ETC has recognized that providing additional funding is absolutely key to their success and long term growth.

Deb Tillett, President